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TAG Heuer Ambassadors

Furthering its longstanding reputation for performance, prestige, and leadership, TAG Heuer has partnered with a team of renowned sports and entertainment personalities whose achievements reflect the brand’s core values. As TAG Heuer ambassadors, these engaging stars represent the best regarded and most accomplished in their fields—and in watchmaking. Read more about the ambassadors and their timepieces below.
Uma Thurman
An Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner, Hollywood superstar Uma Thurman projects elegance, self-confidence, and passion both on screen and off. With a glamorous and sporting allure, she personifies the heralded values of the TAG Heuer brand. Ms. Thurman wears the Link Diamonds Quartz Chronograph.

Tiger Woods
Already a golfing legend at age 30, Tiger Woods has captivated the world with his unprecedented success and ceaseless drive for perfection. Exuding performance and prestige, he is an ideal representative of the TAG Heuer brand. Mr. Woods wears the Link Automatic Chronograph and helped to develop the Professional Golf Watch.

Jeff Gordon
Jeff Gordon's accomplishments in the NASCAR arena have won him international recognition as one of auto racing's greatest drivers. Determined and daring, he complements TAG Heuer's lengthy history of involvement in the sport. Mr. Gordon wears the Carrera and Formula 1 Chronographs, and helped to design his own signature Carrera watch.

Maria Sharapova
Eighteen-year-old Russian tennis sensation Maria Sharapova has captured the world's attention with her captivating blend of athletic prowess and feminine beauty. Indeed, she embodies the fusion of sport with glamour, and therefore TAG Heuer core values. Ms. Sharapova wears the Formula 1 Diamonds and Aquaracer Quartz Watches.

Juan Pablo Montoya
Driving for Team McLaren Mercedes, Colombian F1 pilot Juan Pablo Montoya has upheld his team's reputation for success. Talented, determined, and winning, he possesses those same qualities that have made TAG Heuer the leading purveyor of luxury sports timepieces. Mr. Montoya sports the Carrera and Link Automatic Chronographs.

Yao Ming
Yao Ming, the Chinese basketball phenomenon, has quickly become one of the NBA's best-known athletes. Now in his third season, he has already been selected twice to the NBA All-Star team. Extremely talented, and yet still committed to continuous self-improvement, he fits the TAG Heuer image well. Mr. Ming sports the Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph.

Kimi Räikkönen
One of Formula 1 racing's brightest stars, Finnish driver Kimi Räikkönen competes on Team McLaren Mercedes. His role as brand ambassador not only celebrates excellence and achievement, but also reflects TAG Heuer's longstanding commitment to auto racing. Mr. Räikkönen wears the Formula 1 Chronograph and Chronotimer models.

Sushmita Sen
Crowned Miss Universe in 1994, Sushmita Sen has since become one of India's best-known personalities through acclaimed performances in Bollywood film. Today, she balances her roles as mother, movie star, and TAG Heuer ambassador with glamour, grace, and sophistication. Ms. Sen wears the Link Diamonds Quartz Watch.

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